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Pendant Craft Kit – Glass & Tray Complete Set with Booklet

  • PERFECT GIFT: A complete jewelry crafting kit that brings fun, style and fashion to any creative crafters! Promote creativity skills by learning glass pendant and bracelet making techniques using the cheerful color knotting cords. Work great for developing kids’ imagination, creativity, finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination.
  • GREAT FOR ANY OCCASION: A fun activity for parties and special occasions! You can have a spectacular sleepover, breathtaking birthday party or just a glamorous girl’s night in. Keep adults, teens and any kids above age 8 busy and entertained for hours!
  • EASY WAY TO CRAFT a handmade Christmas/birthday/Valentine’s gift and put a smile on your closest friends and family. Create a one-of-a kind necklace or bracelet to remind someone they are loved. Add charms and beads to your creation to make it even more special.
  • THOUGHTFULLY CURATED: 200+ Free vibrant colors and beautiful images and patterns pre-printed to fit pendants of various shapes – oval, round, square and hearts. Printed templates are also included to create your own masterpieces through drawing/coloring/glitter. Premium quality accessories such as silver plated necklaces and long lasting bracelet cords guarantee professional and impressive results.
  • BIG BUNDLE: Get all the supplies you need to personalize and customize a unique gift. Kit includes 11 pendant trays, 11 clear glass cabochons, 4 beads, 5 silver plated necklace chains, 4 string necklaces, 1.75 yard knotting cord to make 2 bracelets, craft glue, and a booklet that comes with clear instructional guides and collage image sheets, all beautifully packed in a box.

Wholesale price above applicable for purchase of quantity 30 and above.


Simple Steps to Create 9 Fabulous Necklaces and 2 Bracelets with Adorable Glass Pendants to Wear and Share.

At Glittery Garden, we create kits that bring amazing memories that will last a lifetime. Our DIY crafting sets are thoughtfully curated to cultivate creativity and foster fun!

Here’s an easy way to help kids build their self-esteem, confidence and motivation – they will be able to create something by themselves to gift to others.

Crafted with premium quality accessories, the DIY kits guarantee professional-looking products that are great, and can even be sold!

You can include a photo and add charms and beads to your creation to make it even more special. The creative possibilities are endless! So just let the little crafters release their artist within!